Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

After reviewing Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece, you won’t be shocked to read how completely blindsided I was by the vividly cute animations and overall casual play style of the latest AC title. As a newcomer, I had no idea what to expect from New Leaf. Friends and fans of the series found it difficult to explain the specific feature of this game that captivated them. “It’s amazing, just play it” seemed to be a very common viewpoint. And, after playing through the game, I must admit, I know exactly what they mean. Animal Crossing is basically The Sims, sponsored by Crayola. A life-sim with an incredibly relaxed sense of responsibility. By no means is this a bad thing. The relaxed feel allows you to pick up and play the game throughout the day, when the time suits you.

There are so many features to New Leaf that I’d be here for weeks trying to cover them all, so I’ll share with you just a few features that keep me coming back for more.

  • You are the mayor!

Yes, while introducing yourself to your new neighbours, you are mistakenly appointed as the town’s new mayor! A role, it seems, destiny has placed upon you. As Mayor, you have the power to start public works projects such as building new attractions or improving old ones such as the museum. You can also enact ordinances. These are rules you put in place for your town to follow. For example, if you tend to play more at night, you can enact an ordinance that keeps your townsfolk out later and extends the opening hours of town shops. Or, if you’re crazy about flowers you can make it so they never wither, and so on.

  • Fortune Cookies!

These bad boys can be found at the local ‘mart’, they’ll set you back a modest two play coins and can be exchanged for fantastically nerdy Nintendo – themed prizes! My character is currently rocking a full Link costume with a Master Sword and Triforce on display to boot. FOR HYRULE!

  • Social Media!

AC:NL has its very own Twitter account, which is voiced by your in-game assistant Isabelle. Here, you can find helpful tips and information on upcoming events which you can take part in. There is also a HUGE community surrounding this game on Tumblr, where you can make new friends, post screenshots straight from your 3DS and pick up AMAZING user created designs for your character to wear.

  • Minigames!

Not only can you visit your friends’ towns but you can also take them to a tropical island and go head to head in a variety of adorable minigames! These include: Balloon popping, bug catching, plant collecting and more.

Overall, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a relaxing, social and highly customizable experience.
It took me about three days to really get into the fun of this game because AC works in real time and many things (especially at the beginning) take a day to complete. However, if you stick it out, there is a lot of fun to be had here.

Welcome to town! 9/10

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