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Warner Bros. Registers a Bat-Load of Arkham Domains

Sniffing at domain registrations for hints of new games is a favourite pastime of the internet. Many times, when a company registers a new web domain, we can pull some ideas about games or projects they might reveal, like Star Wars 1313 from last year (though, that also had a trademark filing as well, but you get the drift). Continue reading


1st Ever GAMING Pre-Order Comparison Website Launches

Cranberry Publishing has today announced the launch of a revolutionary new pre-order comparison website, The new service offers comparisons on upcoming games including the various platforms (if applicable) and compares the prices of pre-orders. It then shows you the digital and physical incentives for the pre-order. It is the world’s first all-in-one comparison site for gamers ensuring that they can get exactly what they want for the price they want when it comes to guaranteeing day one access to future releases. Continue reading

Social Gaming Provides Developmental Benefit: What Can You Learn From Playing?

Gamers might be stereotyped as teenagers playing in front of the TV or computer but technological developments are changing the demographics drastically. Young children utilizing educational resources, business professionals participating training programs, adults playing on the computer and even the elderly enjoying online bingo are all gamers, too. Continue reading