New Saints Row IV Trailer Released


Earth has fallen into the hands of Emperor Zinyak and his evil alien empire. Its citizens have been imprisoned inside hellish simulations. Humanity’s only hope is the former head of the Third Street Saints — the President of the United States.

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Deadpool Announces His Game Is OUT NOW !


Mission accomplished!  I, Deadpool, have created the ultimate Deadpool video game masterpiece!  I call it…wait for it…DEADPOOL!  It’s pretty much the greatest thing I’ve made (besides my ill-fated root beer float hot tub incident of ’93) and is available now in popular retail establishments and most major chimichangerias (like a taqueria…but with chimichangas!) across the UK.  Oh yeah, and those ...

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Man of Steel DLC Hits Injustice Gods Among Us


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on Friday confirmed that it will be releasing a Man of Steel Superman skin in July.  The skin is based on DC Comics’ iconic Superman character as seen in Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures feature film “Man of Steel.” 

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BUGS vs. TANKS! Now On Nintendo eShop


Renowned Japanese game company LEVEL-5, best known for the critically acclaimed Professor Layton , INAZUMA ELEVEN and NI NO KUNI, has released Keiji Inafune’s action shooter, BUGS vs. TANKS! ™, in Europe via the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS™.

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