Free Xbox One Email Is Legit States Microsoft

Quite a few Xbox account owners have received an email today stating that they have been give, yes given, a free Xbox One console.

Obviously few people believed the offer and have claimed it to be a scam. I was one of the people who received this email and went to twitter to make sure it is indeed true. I even called Xbox Support.

I received a tweet back from @Xbox shortly after:

So, get checking your email accounts. I didn’t and still haven’t received a message via my console yet.

If my “free console” does turn up then I will be letting you all know 😀


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Updated post:

We are not, I repeat NOT giving away an Xbox One console. All comments asking for one will be blacklisted and removed. Your account will also be marked as spam and you may lose comment privileges on other websites.

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Born in the 80's, Steve has always been a fan of gaming and his first ever gaming experience was from playing on an Atari 2600 that him and his younger brother got for Christmas. Since then he has owned various consoles and even won a Super Nintendo via a competition held by Odeon Cinema at the launch of Super Mario Bros Movie. Nowadays you'll find him mainly on Xbox Live.
  • Phil Balliet

    Oh damn I want one! lol

  • avi

    lucky sobs…

  • Oncheonche

    Oh damn I want one too !
    To sell it and buy a PS4

    • Roger

      What a knob

    • GSGN

      Why not just purchase a PS4 and own both consoles?

    • spideynut71

      Sucks to be poor I guess. I’ll have both dropped at my door on their respective launch days, plus extra controllers and games for each. Maybe Kutaragi was right : Sony fans should get a 2nd job.

      • TheeGAYmer

        Well, that was rude as hell. You don’t have to be poor to want one console over the other. Get over yourself.

        • spideynut71

          No, you’re right….sometimes just being an ignorant fanboy/girl is enough….but being poor doesn’t help.

    • Losyak

      *insert the sound of a whip hitting Xbox fanboys’ fannies here*

    • Vulcanproject

      As much as people say thats trolling if I got a free Xbox One I WOULD probably sell it and buy dat ‘other’ console. Then maybe when Microsoft slash the price I would pick one up.

      I just can’t see the console staying at its launch price for very long at all, they will slash the price of Xbox One within 6 months I reckon, £350/$399 after 6 months, you see. Sony will hold their price for ages until Microsoft at least match it, PS4 will hold its value much better.

      Sony had to cut a lot off with PS3, and Microsoft destroyed original Xbox prices inside 6 months when it was obvious it was getting battered.

      Microsoft actually lopped off £100 in the UK 6 months after launch of Xbox. They usually get busy with the price slashing if one of their products has weak sales, Zune etc

    • GunsAndTheBeast

      and with that $100 more, buy more games 😀

  • GameonAll

    already paid mine off – but sheesh would have been nice to get one on the freebe

  • Ian

    Nearly 100k GS with 2 1/2 years Gold Subscription … nothing here : / this smells automated.

    • spideynut71

      Only 2 1/2 yrs? Bltch please….I’ve been with XBL since the Beta. :p

      • Ian

        Yeah, I hear ya. I know it’s not that long but I’ve put a lot of effort in, in those 2 years. I’ve heard that one of the Xbox One winners hasn’t even been
        on Live Gold a year ;/

  • Sonos

    10 years tenure, 75k GS. Nothing here.

    • spideynut71

      11+ yrs (was in the XBL Beta as well), 96k GS for me. My guess is it’s random.

      • Daniel Beverly

        10+ yrs for me as well and 72,000 gs

        • Sonos

          Yep, smells like its random to me guys. Irritating how they use the word “loyal” when it means nothing.

    • oofy

      Maybe you have to be gaming from Siberia or the Solomon Islands to get one.

      • GSGN

        Im in the UK…hence the part of the domain name to the site.

        • oofy

          It was a sarcastic remark in regards to them saying the giveaway was based on factors such as location.

  • Counterproductive

    They must really be desperate to increase their install base if they have to resort to giving systems away. If only they could put the money from those free units towards reducing the price of the $500 Xbone.

    • cubs223425

      Meanwhile, if Sony was giving PS4s away, you and all of their fanboys woudl talk about how they “truly care about gamers” and can do no wrong.

      • Counterproductive

        I’d be more worried about how they could have just made Kinect optional, if they cared about the gamers. Its only about appearances to them. They give a few systems away for a quick PR win so they can still gouge everyone for an extra $100 for a camera that most people don’t want or need. I’m waiting till a price drop and the Kinect is optional before buying mine.

        • cubs223425

          Now I’ve been basically as anti-Kinect as they come from the start, but I don’t agree with you here. I’ve seen JUST enough of what the Kinect is capable of (mostly voice commands) to where I can get their strategy. It can be leveraged pretty well, and for some cool things, but developers need a bit of a push to innovate, which this is.

          Seriously, I can’t overstate how much I was against the Kinect. The required plug-in had me planning to wrap it in foil, not even joking. It was a borderline deal-breaker for me. I’m still planning to not use it, but if spending $100 now on the thing makes it highly-usable over the next 5-10 years, then I would consider it a decent investment.

          • Counterproductive

            They haven’t yet and it’s been years. If the Kinect 2.0 has additional features, then this would be the perfect time for Microsoft to showcase its benefits since it’s packed with every console. Instead, none of the launch games even make use of it in a meaningful way.

            Microsoft has to show me why the console is $100 more expensive than the competition, and why I have to have a Kinect. Until they can prove that to me, I’m waiting for a Kinect-free SKU before I’m playing Dead Rising 3.

            • cubs223425

              “meaningful” is very relative, though. Some will find the releases of new Just Dance and Kinect Sports enough to justify the hardware.

              Admittedly, I think that Dead Rising 3 is one of the legitimate examples of the benefits of the Kinect, though. The idea that zombies react to the sounds you make in your room is sweet. Apparently, you can actually move your body to shake the zombies off in-game, too. It’s pretty neat.

              The Kinect is no different than a low-cost console, though. Just like the PS4 and Xbox One themselves, it’s going to be in its infancy on the platform. It will have some decent titles/features, but launch is never where a console (or, in this case, the Kinect) shows its true colors (the exception maybe being Halo on the original Xbox, though Xbox LIVE changed that whole scene).

              Hardware like this is an investment. It’s that chicken-egg issue where developers will make games when people buy hardware, but people won’t buy hardware until developers make games. Ultimately, the gamers have to blink first and make the purchase, because losing $100 on an imperfect Kinect isn’t as bad for a consumer as when a studio loses a billion dollars on a game no one will support.

              That’s why, despite my current disinterest in the Kinect, I can tolerate the $100 inclusion.

              • Counterproductive

                The Kinect has been out for years, and hasn’t even approached a good implementation. (I’m just going to ignore Just Dance, because that’s about as niche as niche can be.) All we’ve seen is gimmicks and hype. They could have made the console affordable instead, and until they can explain to me why I need a Kinect, I can’t see it as anything but a cash grab.

              • cubs223425

                Ok, you’re going to have to come to the realization that the first Kinect was garbage. The input lag was massive, and the tracking was finicky at best. When games asked you to wave to sign in, good luck, it’s not going to happen until your arm is about to fall off from fatigue.

                This Kinect does stuff much better on that front, from what I have seen (though would admittedly wish I could try before a purchase). If you like to do a lot of things at once, the Kinect becomes a great time right away, because it does appear (I keep using such terms because we haven’t had the launch yet for real players to test it heavily) to snap and swap and record and all of that well.

                If all you want is game features which are great, you’re going to have to wait for it, just like you have to wait for Titanfall and Watch Dogs and Halo and Driveclub and Gran Turismo 6. you can’t expect all of the Kinect stuff to be out right away, nor can you expect an entire library to release at once.

                I’m right with you on waiting on a console, I just don’t think waiting solely over Kinect is the best logic.

              • Counterproductive

                It’s not just Kinect, its the cost and the processing power disparity too. I wanted to play Dead Rising 3, but not at this cost. I’ll wait, thanks.

      • GuiltySpartan11

        Funny thing is Sony has already started giving away PS4s *Stares at Taco Bell*

        • GSGN

          If that is true then it is a US only promotion. This is worldwide.

        • cubs223425

          Well, we don’t know if that’s Sony giving them away out of their good graces or if Taco Bell is throwing them a bunch of money to draw customers and attention.

    • aawells07

      Grow up. There’s some extremely immature gamers out there and you are one of them.

      • Counterproductive

        That’s not immaturity, that’s reality. Why can’t they match the price of the PS4? Why does Kinect have to be in every box? I just want to play Dead Rising 3, not pose for a camera. They’re giving systems away to a very few people while having the gall to force the customer to pay extra for their mistaken gamble on the Kinect. Why don’t they give us a choice like Sony does for it’s customers?

    • mfletch512

      and when sony gave PS4s to the people that couldnt make it to the Sony booth to play games at gamescom everybody was saying stuff like “haha micro$oft would never do something like this” now that it is Microsoft doing something awesome you jump on them? what an idiot.

      • Guest

        The typical $0N¥ pauper.

        • Counterproductive

          Who are you, Charles Dickens?

      • Counterproductive

        I’m jumping on them for overcharging for their system while giving away units to people for free. Who do you think are paying for those units? Everyone who’s forced to pay through the nose for their system with their hard earned money. We’re making up for their “generosity”.

  • joe

    i guess if no one wants to buy them they are just going to give them away for free.

    • GSGN

      People will buy them, whatever the cost.
      Gamers gotta game!

      • joe

        or they’ll buy the more powerful and $100 cheaper, PS4. capitalism!

        • GSGN

          Its hardly Capitalism…lol go learn what it means.

          • Guest

            Paupers don’t learn sh*t.

  • Chuck Green

    This would be the only way I get one before next year.

  • fightclubdoll

    That’s amazing. Congrats.

    • GSGN

      Thanks very much :)

  • Funhouse

    I didn’t get an email about a free Xbox One but I did get one saying I get a free copy of Killer Instinct.

    • GSGN

      Better than nothing :)

  • PachterStation

    I can just see 80 million Xbox 360 owners checking their e-mails. Good luck….

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    desperate attempt. and given to targeted people just like this guy capable of writing on a website like this. just like that game they gave $100 to journalists in a package. lol

    • GSGN

      I have never received $100. Also not everyone given an xbox is a journalist.

  • phaze

    how do i find out?

  • Matt

    wouldn’t mind a free Xbox One..

  • BrianC6234

    Is that part of the deal? Microsoft gives you a free Xbox 180 and you have to delete everything that makes them look bad?

    • GSGN

      Please can you be specific? I run a honest website and nothing has been removed.

    • Sgt. ThroatPunch

      STFU idiot

    • Dirkster_Dude

      This seems like a troll comment.

      • GSGN

        It probably was.

  • Kelly Felhaber

    Been a member of the Xbox family since the original console. I’m happy that I was selected to receive one of these wonderful gifts.

    For those that did get one, be sure you call the number provided to set up the delivery or you won’t get it.

    • GSGN

      Indeed. I had to that earlier. I will do another article now actually and mention this. Thanks for the reminder Kelly.

      • Kelly Felhaber


  • GuiltySpartan11


  • GeDDeN

    Thats very cool but VERY UNFAIR.. Ive had XBL for 9 years AND I’ve been through about 7 xboxes RRoD.. If anyone who should get a FREE XBONE is ME! True story!

    • GuiltySpartan11

      My stats aren’t as impressive but I’ve been with Live for 5 years bought hundreds of games etc….. luck of the draw I guess.

    • GSGN

      Thanks for sharing your story and I agree that people who have had a bad experience should be dealt with but then someone would complain about that too.

      • GeDDeN

        I think they would only complain if they had similar experience and didn’t get a one as well…

  • GSGN
  • Roberto Arguello

    All this arguing over both systems. At least we have some competition and we all know it’s needed in the industry. But anyway, what email are they sending the free xbones , the hotmail or my secondary gmail? Anyone know??

  • David Rosowski II

    i never got an email, but i got the Free xbox one last night on my XBL text

  • ladygamer

    I got one…still a little skeptical….will not actually believe it until i get it in my hands lol

    • GSGN

      My missis, also a gamer and reviewer on this site feels the same.

  • Devils Bayou

    I guess I am one of the lucky gamers. I have been on live for 6 years and have a little over 315K. I thought it was a scam but after I talked to Microsoft and my wife is happy that I didn’t have to spend the $499.

  • Kylie

    i got a message from Xbox but it only told me to bring my Microsoft Points and gamerscore. does that count?

  • carlos salinas

    I need ONE

  • christian

    halla I want one an xboxone

  • joseph Miller

    I want one

  • yolo

    I got a message on my 360 account but no xbox one but i wish i did

    • Steve Quinn

      You need to phone the number in the message and give them the redemption code. But be quick as the offer ends 30 November

  • Andruw Tverdal

    Give me one please #PLZ

    • GSGN

      Send us the money and we will send you an xbox one.

  • aisha

    pls i don’t have a xbox 360 at all but i never got one
    pls send

  • Sherman Haughbrook

    help to win xbox one I like you xbox one

  • Sherman Haughbrook

    My heart just went from 0 to 120 instantly! I’m driven w excitement for Forza & Xbox One! Thanks, @Xbox

  • aashish

    sir iam from india and i xbox 360 had broken due to red ring of death please give a xbox one

    • GSGN

      Not sure if you have noticed but this site is called GhostStorm Gaming News and not Microsoft or

  • sherman

    Yeah, I hear ya. I know it’s not that long but I’ve put a lot of effort in, in those 2 years. I’ve heard that one of the Xbox One winners hasn’t even been
    on Live Gold a year ;/

  • sherman

    Yeah, I hear ya. I know it’s not that long but I’ve put a lot of effort in, in those 2 years. I’ve heard that one of the Xbox One winners hasn’t even been
    on Live Gold a year ;/

  • Paul Hoang

    Could I get one?

  • Xbox

    I want so bad

  • Xbox

    I need a xbox one

  • dwanye

    hope it comes

  • dwanye

    man I want one that’s so awesome

  • Cool man 117

    Hey where you get a xbox one for free

    • GSGN

      The promotion that Microsoft did has ended now. We never said we were giving one away.

  • caleb

    thank you

  • Strykker o

    can i have a free xbox one

  • Kasif Khan

    I need one soooooooo bad

  • odoom

    Yes i want one i am live in cambodia phnom phnen house number 129e0 192z

  • Guest

    I would love to have an Xbox one even though I play on Xbox 360

  • Ayann

    I wish I had a Xbox one even though I have a Xbox 360


    my nephew wants 1. plz help me get him one

    • Stephen Quinn

      This was a ‘name took out of a hat’ type draw from Microsoft back in 2013. I have no idea how to get someone a console for free, if I did then I would’ve got one for my children too.

    • GSGN

      If I knew how to get free consoles I would’ve got more to give away.

      Please read the post before commenting.

  • Parmvir Dhillon


    • SingingTurnip

      Read the post all details are in that. Also note the date and you’ll see its nearly 2years ago it was made.

  • Parmvir Dhillon

    I want one too

    • GSGN

      This post is 2 years old. I never said I was giving one away either.

      Read the post!


    i want free XBOX ONE

  • Jose perez

    Hello Would like the free xbox one Console Game System do You have Any Damaged ones the one you don’t want I saw the video saying I could get one for free