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Blockstorm is the first title from Indiegala, developed by GhostShark Games, and it is the second italian game with the highest positive reviews on Steam!

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Pepi Play Will Share Profit To Support Autism Awareness

PEPI BATH is a fun, educational app for kids, created to explain and encourage daily bath routines. Since it’s original launch, Pepi Bath was the most successful app ever crafted in Pepi Play studio. A simple yet helpful app that was quick to conquer hearts and minds of little players, parents and teachers. Pepi Bath was highly praised in reviews ...

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MINIDAYZ, Bohemia Interactive‘s free 2D browser game based on the standalone version of DayZ, just got a little bigger with the introduction of multiplayer. Supporting up to 20 mini-survivors, players can band(it) together by joining one of the official servers, or by hosting an own server together with their friends. Lunch breaks will never be the same!

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Star Conflict Introduces Dreadnoughts Update

The epic free-to-play MMO action game Star Conflict has received a major content update today with the introduction of Dreadnoughts, a powerful trump card in the fight for dominance of the galaxy. Other exciting content additions comprise of new quests, locations, two new alien types and more. To celebrate this huge update, players can purchase all in-game shop packages at a 50% discount ...

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Spy_Watch launches today for Apple Watch

Move over M, there’s a new Spymaster in town with the release today of Spy_Watch from Bossa Studios. Created from the ground up for the Apple Watch, the game transforms the new device into the ultimate spy gadget and introduces a new type of gameplay designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of Apple’s new device.

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