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Battle Command! Invades Google Play and App Store


In the near future, the peaceful nation of Zendria has been toppled by terrorists calling themselves the “Sons of Wrath.” Led by a military dictator, known as The Warlord, players assume the role of a battle commander tasked with targeting the despotic ruler in their crosshairs. 

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Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Gold Edition Out Now


Tru Blu Entertainment announced today that Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Gold Edition app is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Developed by Australian Gaming Studio Wicked Witch, the app is the most advanced and feature-packed Rugby app ever made, offering gamers a quick match through to a full featured international competition.

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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Official Soundtrack


One thing most Assassins Creed fans will agree on is that the music always sounds awesome. With it’s mix of both suspense and action the Assassins Creed IV Black Flag official soundtrack is just as epic as the previous titles. Brian Tyler definately has created some great tracks for us to kill to.

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Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts Review


Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts is a hidden object game for iOS. The general background story is you help Nelly and Tom release unlucky ghosts trapped by an evil alchemist. To do this you visit different locations & play mini games aswell as completing hidden object puzzles.

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Rabbids Big Bang Now Available On iOS and Android


The Rabbids are taking the skies and making the final frontier their new playground in this physics-based game for smartphones and tablets. Developed using Redlynx’s critically acclaimed engine, players will pilot the wacky little creatures using jetpack boosts and the gravitational force of planets to avoid catastrophic accidents, fly around obstacles and explore the edges of the galaxy. Rabbids Big ...

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