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Award Winning BADLAND Now Available on App Store

Developer Frogmind Games is pleased to announce that the award-winning BADLAND is now available in the  iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod TouchBADLAND is an atmospheric side-scrolling action-adventure platformer that takes place within a gorgeous world with breathtaking environments and demonstrates innovative physics-based gameplay. Continue reading


Pioneering music creation software eJay heading to iOS and Android

In 1996, the original eJay empowered PC users to create their own original music tracks from a vast selection of samples, beats, riffs and effects. The simple drag and drop interface allowed users to concentrate on their compositions rather than wrestle with a complicated interface – and resulted in spectacular tunes which could easily be compared to commercial releases. Continue reading


Warner Bros. Registers a Bat-Load of Arkham Domains

Sniffing at domain registrations for hints of new games is a favourite pastime of the internet. Many times, when a company registers a new web domain, we can pull some ideas about games or projects they might reveal, like Star Wars 1313 from last year (though, that also had a trademark filing as well, but you get the drift). Continue reading