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Battlefield Hardline Maps & Modes Revealed


Crime is the name of the game but the cops aren’t having it. From blowing open bank vaults to protecting illegal ops, do whatever it takes or you will get busted. Get the full lowdown on Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer right now. And if you’re getting ready for the beta, how does an added third map and mode sound? It’s in ... Read More »

NEW Evolve Trailer Released


2K Games have released a new trailer for upcoming monster-hunting game Evolve. Named the “Survival Guide Trailer,” the seven-minute video aims to be a the “ultimate playbook” for winning, whether you play as a Monster or a Hunter. Read More »

The Elder Scrolls Online Consoles Release Date Announced And Forced Monthly Subscriptions To Be Removed


Bethesda Softworks today announced that its long awaited, award-winning multiplayer roleplaying game,The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, will release worldwide on 9th June, 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Read More »

Human Extinction Simulator is Out Now


Machine 22 has announced the release of “Human Extinction Simulator”, a turn-based tactical space combat game, on the game’s official website and also on Steam. Read More »

Theme Hospital Is Now FREE with “On the House”


Theme Hospital is available for free with On the House. Add it to your Origin library, then create and maintain a hi-tech hospital to turn cures into cash. Read More »

Go For Gold with the El Dorado Expansion for Europa Universalis IV


Legends tell of a great city deep in the jungle. It is rich in all the pleasures of mankind, and is so full of gold that the residents count this metal as nothing. The daring explorer that finds this city will bring glory to his king – and infinite riches to his pocket. Now Paradox Development Studio brings the adventure ... Read More »

Nosgoth Open Beta Begins Tonight


Square Enix and Psyonix are delighted to announce that Nosgoth, the free to play team based competitive multiplayer will launch worldwide into Open Beta tonight from 18.00GMT/ 19.00EST. Read More »

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