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Cities: Skylines Review


I have said this many times but Cities: Skylines is the Sim City we all wanted but never got. It is a true city building simulation game from a studio that’s been giving us little cities to mess around in for a while. The games I am speaking of are the popular Cities In Motion series, where you controlled the transport ...

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Etherium Launch Trailer!


Etherium, the explosive sci-fi RTS from Tindalos Interactive, gets a new trailer as we approach launch day, on March 25. Only two days left to benefit from the 10% discount offered to pre-orders and to immediately access the multiplayer beta! Watch the Vectides, Intar, and Consortium pit it out for the galaxy’s waning resources in this fast-paced real-time strategy title ...

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Pillars of Eternity Has Gone Gold


Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive today announced that Pillars of Eternity, the fan-funded modern take on a classic role-playing game (RPG) set in an original world created by some of the best minds in RPG development, has reached “Gold Master” (GM) status, and is now ready for its release on March 26, 2015. Pillars of Eternity, originally called “Project Eternity” ...

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