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Seasons After Fall Unveils Its Gamescom Trailer

Focus Home Interactive and indie studio Swing Swing Submarine unveil the gamescom trailer of Seasons After Fall, the atmospheric story-driven puzzle platformer due this September on PC. Enter a world ruled by nature and magic as a wild fox with a fantastic ability: a supernatural control over the seasons to shape...

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Could No Man’s Sky Be Coming To Xbox One?

It’s no secret that No Man’s Sky is a great game and lots of people, including myself are playing it and loving it. Yeah there’s a few who don’t like it but that’s the same with any game. At the moment the game is only on PC and Playstation 4...

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Farming Simulator 17 Gamescom Trailer

Next week will be Gamescom 2016 in Köln, Germany, a landmark for Farming Simulator, where the game was met with huge success for the past 7 years, gathering hundreds of thousands of German players, constituting an important core of a passionate community.

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Back to Adelpha: Outcast – Second Contact Reveals Its First Images!

Bigben and Appeal Studio have unveiled the very first screenshots of OUTCAST – Second Contact, the remake of the cult PC game Outcast, a pioneer in the history of open-world video games. This expanded version in full HD of the 1999 adventure game, highly anticipated by fans of the genre, will...