6 Most Famous Las Vegas Casino Buffets

Whenever you visit Las Vegas, there will always be a big chance that you end up gambling from morning 'til the next day, which is why Las Vegas casinos make sure they have the best restaurant buffets to fill your stomachs.

In this article, you will know the best buffets in Las Vegas that serve the most delicious food.

  1. Studio B

M Resort Hotel has a restaurant buffet called the Studio B Buffet. The architectural design of the restaurant resembles the scheme of the hotel itself. The lighting of the restaurant is rich in warm colors such as orange and gold tones.

There are several views on which diners can enjoy. The best view is the tables that have a great view of the bay through the city.

The food in the restaurant is fresh and prepared daily. Diners have 200 dishes from paella, ribs, wood-fried pizza, and even sushi.

  1. Cravings

The Mirage has a famous restaurant buffet called Cravings, where most of the patrons dine during their gambling experience. The architectural design of the hotel carries over the restaurant. The modern and classy look of the interior gives way to the mouth-watering dishes, including meats, cheeses, fruits, and loaves of bread.

Diners at the Cravings named it as the ultimate buffet. The restaurant organized the stations by region, type of food, and wines, and beer. Every Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant has a champagne brunch served with unlimited bubbles.

  1. The Buffet

Wynn Resorts is famous for its high-profile service to its clientele, along with its extravagant restaurant buffet called The Buffet. Once you enter the restaurant, you can quickly notice the vast space along with the bright and airy feel of the atmosphere. The design truly has an extravagant aesthetic.

Before your actual food experience, you get welcomed by the fountain of heavenly sweets in front. Right after the dessert station are the choices of 120 dishes offering different types of food, from spaghetti, ribs, and even tacos. You can also choose to have live cooking if you want some action.

  1. Cosmopolitan

The elegance and modern feels of The Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas give away a pure indulgence treat. The atmosphere of the restaurant has warm colors accentuating the mouth-watering dishes served in small plates.

There are four stations at the Wicked Spoon – the salad bar, seafood station, the carving station, and the Asian and Italian station. The star of the show is the dessert station filled with over the top pastries.

  1. Paris Le Village Buffet

The French-inspired restaurant buffet at the Paris Las Vegas makes you feel like you are dining at an authentic French restaurant.

You can indulge yourself in the crepe station where made-to-order crepes with different flavors get made. It is even better if you tag it along with other French dishes.

  1. Bellagio Buffet

The Bellagio is one of the most commonly visited hotels in Las Vegas; however, you won't find any commoner food at the Bellagio restaurant. The restaurant features a village-like theme filled with elegant-looking dishes like a salmon roulade and honey and pineapple-glazed ham.

Truly after reading about all of the best buffets found in Las Vegas, you might want to fly there now and taste all those delicious foods.

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