How E-Sports Will Change the Future of Sports Betting

E-sports came a long way over the past years. From being a niche market to being a sport with the biggest prizes from well-known sponsors, e-sports made it big time. And once E-sports became a thing, many gambling companies also started to pick up with the growing trend.

Currently, most of the sportsbooks feature e-sports in their sites, even making sections just for e-sports. Although it already made a name in the gambling industry, e-sports betting still has a long way to go.

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Current State of E-sports Betting

At first, bookies were not every much convinced of the potential of e-sports to grow into the sports betting section. However, with its increasing popularity and big prizes from successful sponsors, sportsbooks began to notice its potential.

What the sports bookies usually focus on in e-sports betting are the popular pc games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Dota 2. The popularity of the pc games means that it will survive longer than other pc games. Call of Duty and Halo are both popular games too; however, both are still console games and even haven't reached the top like the others.

The popularity of E-sports in the East

It is a well-known fact the E-sports first gained its popularity in the East region, specifically in South Korea. The huge fan base of e-sports in Asia even created a big wave of sponsors from different tech brands like Cisco and Intel.

However, the popularity of e-sports did not do well in Western countries like the US. Although Los Angeles and Seattle already started to grow interested in the sport, there are still a couple of states that need more introductions on e-sports. But since both states did not legalize sports betting, there is still a low chance for e-sports betting to thrive in these areas.

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Nevada Sportsbooks Are Not Interested

One of the states in the US that already legalized sports betting is Nevada. However, since Nevada is a gambling industry barometer, Nevada says it has no interest in e-sports betting.

During the 2019 UNLV Gaming Conference, Sandra Morgan revealed that there were only four sportsbooks who requested for E-sports betting to be in their list. She said that the public seems to show no interest in e-sports.

The silver lining is that most gamblers prefer video game tournaments, and it is the operators who did not oversee such a situation.

Online Sportsbooks and E-sports

Although land-based sportsbooks did not show much interest in e-sports, online sportsbooks seem to have it in full steam. Currently, there most of the online sportsbooks offer e-sports in their sites, even considering it as a video game wagering.

The continuous fame of E-sports betting in the online gambling industry will be something to look forward to.