Casino Strategies That Will Make Spend More Money

Casinos are one of the wealthiest industries in the world, and one of the reasons why is they know how to fool the minds of their customers so that these people will keep playing and spend their money.

If you have been in a casino and wonder why every time you enter the room, you will always get out empty-handed or wonder where all your money went after playing. In this article, we will tell you the tricks and strategies that casinos all over the world do to make you spend more money.

No Clocks and Windows

If you notice in casinos, there are no clocks or windows. The absences of the two things are not accidental, and it is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The lack of clocks and windows in casinos creates an illusion of timelessness for the players. The casinos do not want you to turn to the clocks and check the time where you are supposed to stop playing or check the windows if it is still night time of day time.

Chips Instead of Money

Whenever you play for money at casinos, you might notice that the only time you place your hands on the money is when you cash out. Casinos use chips instead of cash to make players bet more. The chips create an illusion that if you lose, it does not sting much since you are having so much fun.

Other machines in casinos use cards to play the game, and that is another way for you to lose track of the money you just lost. Once you load those cards, there will be no way to track how much money you've lost.

The Luring Architectural Design

Their architects strategically designed every inch and square of the casino. They created the placement of the machines in a maze manner that is not facing the exits. The positions of the gaming machines are also in a labyrinth manner so that you would stop in every corner as you wander the room.

The placement of the bathrooms in casinos is even in the innermost corner of the room, making think twice to use it. Or, if you really can't hold it in, you might find other games that you might play right after using the loo.

Free Alcohol Has a Price to Pay

Don't even be happy whenever someone hands you a free drink inside the casino room. You might be thankful for the free drinks at first, but when the alcohol hits you, you can say bye-bye to those dollars in an hour or two.

If you drink alcohol, it clouds your judgment once you become tipsy or even drunk. This strategy is one of the best tricks as not a single soul would reject a free drink.

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