Mission cash


Mission Cash is an exciting online slot from Play and Go that gives players a generous maximum bet of 20 dollars. It offers progressive slots, free spinning and free re-spinning for an exhilarating online casino gambling experience and thrilling action-packed play. Players can use real money or play it with the virtual currency Play Money. Either way, the game is simple to learn and has nice graphics and sound effects, making it a nice game for those who do not wish to try slot machines for fun but rather want to have a casino gaming experience.

Mission Cash is one of those that are pretty new on the online casino scene. It was only recently released in January 2021 and is one of those games that attract players because of its flashy graphics and attractive advertisements. Even so, this is not a full time casino game that requires frequent re-rolls and can be fairly easy to beat, especially if you know your limits and your skill level. The best part about Mission Cash is the attractive site layout. It looks very professional and appealing from the outside with soothing colors and a professional logo. It is easy to understand as well with simple step by step tutorials that give you an overview of the game and what you need to know in order to make big wins.

Mission Cash is played in two phases; Free Spin and Non-Progressive. In the free spin phase, as you place your money in the appropriate icon, it will rotate and flash the symbols along. If you hit the correct icon, you win big jackpots worth up to 5000 dollars each. In the non-progressive phase, you are given a choice of what symbols along with the amount of coins to pull from the jar. When choosing the symbols along with the amount of coins, bear in mind that lower paying machines usually have fewer symbols and hence have fewer jackpot values.