Titan thunder


The highly anticipated release Titan Thunder is now available from the publisher THQ. With a storyline that rivals the Lord of the Rings, Titan Thunder puts you in the shoes of Aragorn as he makes his way through Middle-earth. Players will control both the characters Aragorn and Legolas and the destructive Anduin. The stakes are high for those who dare to enter the ring’s hallowed halls, and the new free-roll game gives players the opportunity to not only play the game, but also collect and accumulate points for their strategy and skill.

The highly addictive action-packed casino game gives players a chance to win unlimited Free Spins & rewards plus a special “idium” boost to get them started fast. To learn more about these exciting new features, watch full preview of Titan Thunder trailers and prepare yourself for an epic adventure in this fantasy role-playing video game. This latest release by THQ will have players hooked on their seats for months to come as they try to collect the “idium” prize which rests at the end of each Titan match.

In addition to the classic mini game play, this modern day version offers a great deal of depth for strategic gamers. Unlike other tower defense games, you can build your own strategy with the in-game weapons, skills, and reels. You can build a customizable tower, train it to attack faster, and use special features like a “laser pointer” to target tough targets. There are several levels with varying difficulty, so even the most inexperienced player can master this exciting online game. If you have never played Titan Thunder before, this is a great way to experience the thrill of defending the ring against the Orcs.